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Pests to Look Out for This Winter

When the summer months pass by in the UK, the potential threat from pests does not go away for residents and business owners. In fact, the pest threat level rises because the cold outdoor temperatures cause rodents and insects to want to hibernate in a warmer environment. Unfortunately, your home or building becomes the ideal warm environment for these pests.

Here are the top three pests to look out for this winter:

1) Cockroaches

Cockroaches love to seek shelter indoors during the winter. A warm and comfortable indoor environment is just what they want when it is cold outside. Not only are cockroaches unsightly insects, but they also have the potential to spread infectious diseases too. It is even more problematic for hospitals, nursing homes, and restaurants because people are more vulnerable to sickness at these facilities.

2) Squirrels

People don’t often think of squirrels as pests because they look cute and friendly. However, squirrels like to hide in attic spaces during the winter and cause damage to them. There are also strict UK laws about how to eliminate squirrels from homes.

Grey squirrels must be humanely eliminated and not released back into the wild, while red squirrels cannot be eliminated at all. It is best to consult a pest control professional for assistance in this matter.  

3) Rats

Rats are a big problem for property owners during the winter. Rats and mice both like to search for food in warm and sheltered places, whether they’re homes or businesses. They will chew through wires and drywall to gain access to food inside your building. The good news is that you can take almost any precaution necessary to eliminate the threat of rodents on your property.

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It is never too early to start taking preventative measures against pests before the wintertime strikes. Contact Amicus Environmental Services to make an appointment or request more information regarding our pest control services for winter protection against pests on your property.