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Rat Control in Devon & Cornwall

We provide control of rats throughout Devon and Cornwall – including Plymouth, Exeter and Torbay.

Our knowledge and understanding of the habits of potential problem species enables us to deliver fast and efficient solutions, and also to provide advice and longer-term support with ensuring that a return of the issue is avoided …

Rats are now found extensively throughout the UK however they are not actually a native species but a naturalised one having migrated from overseas. UK based rats are found as 2 species, Brown and Black.

Whether related to domestic or commercial property infestations can develop quickly and cause significant damage and distress which, when coupled with their known disease carrying capabilities, makes rats a high priority for treatment.

It is the legal obligation of a property/landowner to deal with any infestations that are identified and in the event an occurrence is not dealt with Local Authorities may intervene.

The first step in rat control is always proofing, potentially preventing a problem before it can occur. Proofing your property for rats should be based upon surveying the building structure for defects, this maybe as simple as a hole in brick work around pipes, broken air bricks or poorly fitted doors and the like. Sometimes rats may enter from under the building via drain pipes or old land drains.

Signs of Rat Activity

  • Burrows
  • Droppings (12mm long cylindrical pointed at one or both ends)
  • Smear marks/grease marks left by fur when regularly running along same pathways
  • Runs-pathways left by constant travel back and forth to food/harbourage point
  • Footprint / tail swipes

Rat Problems:

  • Infection & Contamination. Rats spread and carry several diseases Inc. Weil’s Disease through contact, droppings & urine
  • Damage to stock, assets, property and infrastructure through gnawing, chewing & nesting
  • Damage to reputation & possible legal action
  • Loss of revenue

Rat Control Solutions:

  • Proofing. Inc. Drain traps
  • Environmental management Inc. removal of harbourage
  • Active monitoring
  • Trapping
  • Poisoning
  • Culling

Rat Fact …

Rats eat up to 10% of their own body weight each day and cannot survive without ready access to water.