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How to Choose a Reliable Pest Control Company

You can find dozens of pest control companies in the UK. If you don’t have a designated pest control company to contact when faced with an infestation on your property, then how do you find the best company for the job.

Fortunately, you can look for specific characteristics in a company to verify whether it is trustworthy or not. Below are the top 3 ways to help you choose a reliable pest control company.

1) BPCA Membership

A reliable pest control company should be a member of the British Pest Control Association. Their official membership proves they have the necessary training, ethics, skills, and liability insurances to perform pest control duties in the UK. Therefore, you’d have a much better reason to trust a pest control company when they are a BPCA member.

2) Reputation

Search the internet for customer reviews and feedback left for the pest control company. A simple Google search of the company’s name can tell you a lot about whether the company has a positive or negative reputation. Obviously, you’ll want to choose a company with a high level of positive customer feedback.

3) Environmentally Friendly

It is crucial to choose a pest control company that uses environmentally friendly solutions for preventing and eliminating pests. The company cannot use any harmful or toxic chemicals for its pest control treatments. Instead, they must be green-friendly solutions that won’t endanger people or animals.


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