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Bird Proofing and Bird Control in Devon & Cornwall

We provide bird proofing and control of problem birds throughout Devon, Cornwall and beyond – including Plymouth, Exeter and Torbay.

Bird related issues are becoming more common as the built environment offers increased harbourage for breeding and nesting sites and food sources are easily accessible through waste. With this in mind birds can become a genuine problem for you and your business – noise, aggression, damage and environmental health issues can take their toll.

We are able to apply a range of specialist bird deterrent systems for the control of pigeons, gulls and other problem species at commercial and domestic locations, and we are also able to safely carry out bird dropping removal where needed.

Birds are a common sight in our everyday life with over 600 UK based species alone. Whilst many cause little or no disturbance there are several species that may create issues in a number of ways, the two most common being Pigeons (Columbidae) and Gulls (Laridae). Other potential problem species may include Starlings, Sparrows, Canada Geese and the Corvid family.

Potential Issues:

  • Damage to assets, property & infrastructure
  • Noise & aggression
  • Fouling & environmental hazards Inc. leptospirosis & mites


  • Bird spikes
  • Netting installation
  • Post & wire installation
  • Laser & acoustic dispersal systems
  • Nest Management
  • Habitat Management
  • Drones

Did you Know …

Gulls often return to the same nesting site year on year and can live for up to 35 years. Unless action is taken to proof a building/structure, problems associated with these birds may recur annually.

Remember that all wild bird species, their eggs and also their nests are protected by UK law and it is illegal to take any action against any of the above without the appropriate certification & licenses in place.