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Mouse Control in Devon & Cornwall

We provide control of mice throughout Devon and Cornwall – including Plymouth, Exeter and Torbay.

Our knowledge and understanding of the habits of potential problem species enables us to deliver fast and efficient solutions, and also to provide advice and longer-term support with ensuring that a return of the issue is avoided …

Mice are widespread and one of the most common pests to infest buildings. They typically feed on unattended food, leftovers and garden produce. Their foraging risks the contamination and degradation of food supplies, and can also spread other pests such as fleas, ticks and lice.

They gnaw various materials to file down their growing teeth and keep the length under control. Common damage can include gnawed electrical wires, marks on wooden furniture and textile damage.

Signs of Mouse Activity

  • Droppings, wide spread & measuring approx. 3 to 6mm long, cylindrical with rounded  ends
  • Smear marks. When a mouse constantly travels in and out of and area it will leave grease from its fur causing a dark brown/ black mark
  • Nibbling. Mice gnaw things and leave behind small pieces/crumbs of the chewed item
  • Damage. Items such as electrical wires, food products and packaging, & insulation
  • Noises. Scratching or squeaking in walls or voids

Mouse Problems

  • Damage to assets & property
  • Spread of infectious diseases and other pest species
  • Loss of revenue & reputation

Mouse Control Solutions

  • Proofing
  • Environmental control. Inc removal of harbourage
  • Active monitoring
  • Trapping/poisoning

Mouse Fact …

Because mice don’t have a collarbone, they are able to wiggle through holes as small as a 5 pence piece.