Stored Products Pest Control Devon

Stored product insects come in many shapes and sizes and infest various products including grain, wheat, flour, cereal, dairy, meat, tobacco and even textiles.

There are many different species of insect that can damage raw food materials and contaminate finished products. Usually, the first sign of a problem is the appearance of small beetles crawling over counter tops, moths flying across rooms, or caterpillars crawling up walls or across ceilings. The solution requires finding and destroying all infested products in which these pests have developed, treatments should be carried out to affected products, storage areas, machinery and include use of sealed storage containers to prevent recurring problems.

How to identify stored product insects:

  • Damage to foodstuffs
  • Emerging adult weevils leave visible exit holes in grains
  • Infected grain can become warmer leading to damp, mould and germination
  • Insect tracks in raw materials


  • Fumigation
  • Insecticide sprays
  • Chemical free heat treatment.

Did you Know….

The average lifespan of the Confused Flour Beetle is about one year, but some have been known to live almost four years.

Our knowledge and understanding of the habits of potential problem species enables us to deliver fast and efficient solutions, and also to provide advice and longer-term support with ensuring that a return of the issue is avoided …