Our Domestic and Commercial Pest Control Services

We deliver a ‘full range’ integrated pest control service through our highly trained, certified and experienced technicians. From initial site surveys through to preventative measures, full abatement services and follow up we always aim to deal with our clients’ requirements in the most effective possible manner.

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control is an essential service to many businesses across multiple sectors. From bird control at airports, rodent control at food production facilities through to insect control in hotels.

Different drivers determine a business’s requirements whether trying to prevent stock loss, protecting capital equipment or simply complying with legislative requirements, the net result is the same, pest control is a key element in achieving environmental compliance for all.

Many businesses take a reactive approach to their pest control issues, something which is mirrored in the service offering of pest control contractors.

Amicus offer a complete service, taking an Integrated Pest Management approach. We believe that in changing this focus by being pro-active we can help to prevent potential issues before they occur.

Domestic Pest Control

Whether a homeowner or tenant your house and its surroundings are one of the key environments in your life, one in which you spend the majority of your time, effort and expenditure.

An infestation of pests is never welcomed and health concerns aside it can be both unsettling and inconvenient at any time. The reality is that pests are a part of the environment at large and at some point your paths will cross. If and when this is the case you need the reassurance that you can rely on a discreet, helpful and professional contractor to deal with the issue in hand.

Amicus Environmental Services commit to dealing with your problem in a fast and efficient manner, whilst at the same time demonstrating the utmost respect for the environment at large.