Our Approach to Pest Management

Amicus is a professional, modern & progressive thinking pest control company, with green orientated values, that is in touch with its environment. We operate using an Integrated Pest Management model.

Integrated Pest Management

In its simplest form this means that education & prevention rather than cure are always the primary focus and that chemical intervention is always the last step in the hierarchy of control.

In order to support this philosophy Amicus offers its clients innovation through proven technology and new techniques. This includes:

  • Preventative hardware provision and installation
  • Drones for infrared surveys, and acoustic bird control
  • Laser deterrent systems
  • Acoustic deterrent systems
  • Infrared pre bait monitoring
  • Online monitoring & feedback via smart systems with direct feedback via a customer web portal
  • Heat Bubble treatment for insects
  • Staff training & education

We operate to the highest international standards, and are servicing members of the British Pest Control Association (Membership no: M15/2547). We are also currently seeking to secure BS EN 16636 certification.